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Honey Almond Handmade Soap

Honey Almond Soap (Pack of 2)

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A deep clean,lightening and anti ageing soap. Pulverized and steamed into existence,honey and almonds use to get us rid of uneven skin tone and buffing away the dead skin that stands in the way of an intensive clean. The oils mixed in the formulation will balance the skin’s natural moisture balance.



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  • Mel, Papaver somniferum, Aloe barbadensis, Ricinus communis, Olea europaea, Prunus dulcis, Soap Base made with coconut oil, natural oil permitted fragrances and approved colours.


  • It gives smooth skin types and reduces uneven tone.
  • Anti ageing properties.
  • It leaves you with glowing skin.
  • It acts as the best moisturiser for any skin type.
Apply the soap on wet areas of the body, face, rub to produce lather, and then wash off.
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