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ERBAVEDA is the initiative taken to represent the infinite energy of nature and the inclusivity of the universe. ERBAVEDA, is the choice of everyone searching for the skincare with the integrity of ingredients sourced from nature for their quality and effectiveness. Devised with the raw nature ERBAVEDA Skincare nourishes and beautifies your skin.

The logo, the symbol of vision and mission where the outer circle depicts universal, sacred and divine nature and the leaves symbolise the trueness of nurtured ingredients in their products. As the baby is connected with the mother through the placenta, the stem connecting the circle and the leaves reveal the healing power of universe associated with treasure of herbs in it.
The perfect, soothing green colour further adds balance, vitality, new growth and rebirth of Ayurveda with modern research methods implemented in ERBAVEDA. All these elements work holistically to portray the true endeavour of ERBAVEDA.


ERBAVEDA is a perfect synchronization of purest plant formulations which amicably abides by your mind, body, and soul.
ERBAVEDA visions to implement pure and useful herbal knowledge of utmost quality with modern scientific discoveries to deliver skin-friendly products. The products are not just manufactured but are devised in clean and congenial environment under the Ayurvedic research team expertise. It uses sustainable natural/herbal ingredients to provide the best skincare routine. ERBAVEDA is committed to provide genuine and result oriented Ayurvedic products.
We are stepping forward with our honest vision to create awareness about the use and importance of ayurvedic products in this modern era.

Cruelty Free
High Quality
made in india

You will be staggered with the variety of organic, handcrafted, pure products ERBAVEDA offers! The products are composed of high-quality natural ingredients. You won’t think twice before you obtain ERBAVEDA to experience the power of authentic Veda for a radiant you.


The word is coined from a Sanskrit word “ayu??? meaning “life??? and “Veda??? meaning “knowledge???. Therefore it is a holistic way of human well being. The science of Ayurveda, literally means the complete knowledge of the totality and longevity of life. It is the earliest medical literature documented, which is the system of eloquent herbs, botanicals and oils to re-define the concept of beauty and wellness over the world. The ancient science of Ayurveda has always remained relevant in the modern world due to its principles of harmony, purity, simplicity and true focus on physical, emotional and spiritual health. It explains a glowing and healthy skin as an epitome of a perfect blend of rasa (plasma tissue of body) and rakta (blood).
From its existence, about 6000 years ago, Ayurveda follows the principal of herbal science in its purest and natural form. Beauty is quoted as “subhanga karanam???- referring to the wellness of all aspects of body and mind in Ayurveda. Not just the skin, Ayurveda touches every aspect of beauty- Roopam (outer beauty), Gunam (inner beauty) and Vayastyag (lasting beauty).



‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’ determines the basis of one’s inner nature and body’s self-healing powers.


Today, the need to look beautiful is often dependent on chemical ridden products for faster effective results on our skin. The skin absorbs about 60% of products applied to it. Adulterated oils, synthetic perfumes are widely used in the products which results in killing the natural state of skin. These products do promise to have instant effects on skin making it smooth and bright, but these chemicals would be absorbed by skin layers making them dull and more prone to wrinkles, acne or even worse.
A fair replacement of these products can make a big deal to heal, nurture and protect the skin. A perfect solution to all the skin woes, packed with ancient holistic roots of Ayurveda is personified in ERBAVEDA.

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